MKLM Mayor addressing people at RHR event in Mogwase Unit 8The Mayor of Moses Kotane Local Municipality, Ralesole Diale invited local priests to join  in prayer for Moses Kotane Local Municipality to be a better place to live in. Diale hosted the Reconciliation, Healing and Renewal event at Mogwase Unit 8 on 27 July 2017.

Reconciliation, Healing and Renewal is one of the five key pillars of the North-West Provincial Government aimed at bringing peace and unity in the province. It is the believe of the people of Bokone Bophirima that the wounds and conflicts of the past can be best resolved through collective engagement in dialogue and to draw lessons from the past towards reconciliation.


In his address MKLM Mayor Ralesole Diale said RHR is about bringing members of communities to form partnerships with organs of the state, live in peace to instil unity and Ubuntu amongst themselves.

“We understand that South Africa is a democratic country that is governed by the constitution. Amongst the rights enshrined in the constitution, citizens are entitled to protest as a way of demonstrating their dissatisfaction about service delivery and other government related issues.

As the ANC-led government, we acknowledge such rights to be enjoyed freely without discrimination and damage to government property. We also believe that as citizens, we should also engage in dialogues to resolve the issues we are concerned about.  Hence we are here today as part of the reconciliation and healing process.

We know that through engagement we can collectively resolve the problems we encounter daily. Our country has a potential to achieve many things including service delivery, creation of employment, economic stimulation and how best we can alleviate poverty that we are faced with. We are faced with so many social ills that I believe, if we can all come together we can overcome them. Hence we invited local priests to join us in prayer for Moses Kotane Local Municipality to be a better place to live in,” said Mayor Diale. 

RHR is currently spearheaded by Special Projects section in the Office of the Mayor. Community members interacted with various sector departments on government services and on local economic development issues throughout the municipality.

Departments were given opportunity to do presentation on their programmes and services to the community.

 Department of social development encourages youth and women to form groups and register as cooperatives as government has programmes for cooperatives as one way of eradicating poverty, reducing unemployment and creating income.

Presentation by Mogwase fire & emergency services placed emphasis on disasters caused by fire during the winter season. Communities were encouraged not to leave candle light unattended at night, not to use paraffin stoves, and to switch off heater after using it.