ANC Bokone Bophirima salutes vote of no confidence voters

is (1)President Jacob Zuma survives the vote of no confidence once again. Minutes after the results were announced in Parliament – ANC Bokone Bophirima issued a statement: The African National Congress (ANC) in Bokone Bophirima salutes the steadfastness and principled stance of ANC Members of Parliament who stood by their movement and defended the people’s revolution by defeating the motion of no confidence brought forward by opposition parties.

The ANC has been down this road before and we will continue defending the
right of South African voters to elect their preferred leader as they did
with President Jacob Zuma.

As the ANC in Bokone Bophirima we are acutely aware of what the opposition
parties will say after they’re once again defeated.

Because they will not want to admit defeat, we know that they will either
say one or more of the following:

We made a mark.
We showed courage.
The ANC is panicking.
ANC MPs are cowards.
ANC puts corruption first and South Africa second.
Punish the ANC in 2019 or
ANC MPs were intimidated.

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