Remembering Marikana Massacre

Days before the commemoration of the Marikana massacre, the North West Provincil Government commit to bring ever lasting peace in and around Wonderkop. According to government spokesperson, Brian Setswambung, 
the forum which comprises of communities of Wonderkop, is currently working with government in preparation for the Peace and Prayer Day to be held in Wonderkop early next month, and the turning of the first sod for the creation of a memorial site at the Marikana Koppie, this in honor of the victims of the 2012 Marikana tragedy.  Setswambunh said through its Reconciliation, Healing and Renewal (RHR) programme, the 5th administration of the North West province has made great strides in reaching out to the community of Wonderkop, who have since opened their hearts to the provincial government, this in an effort to not only bring peace and stability in the area, but to also ensure that residents’ living conditions are bettered through implementation of community development projects.

‘In remembering the August 2012 tragedy, the provincial government has reiterated the importance of working together with all community structures, religious leaders and the private sector in the area, through the already established Wonderkop RHR Forum.

The provincial government is pleased by the progress made thus far in rebuilding the relationship between government and the people of Wonderkop, which has led to the fostering of an environment of trust.

“We continue to call on the community to cooperate and join hands with government in rolling out all development projects targeted for this area. Importantly, we urge the community to work with government in ensuring that the 292 Breaking New Ground and 252 Rental Stock housing projects delivered by the department of Local Government and Human Settlement at Marikana Ext 2 are occupied by the rightful owners, and avoid the unnecessary negative attention which has been drawn to this area as a result of the illegal occupation of the houses by some residents”, said Setswambung.

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