Forum 4 Service Delivery will be tabling Secret balloted Motion of No confidence against Rusternburg Local Municipality Executive Mayor Mpho Khonou
According to F4SD National Leader, Mbahare Kekana,  Forum 4 Service Delivery is not happy with the operation of Rusternburg Municipal Council. He said they do not give opposition councillors agendas in time and the F4SD view this as a way to ambush opposition into voting for things that they are not properly informed about. Kekana said: “The state of service delivery in Rusternburg and surrounding areas more importantly about more than 10 000 kids who are still going to school shoeless and more than 40 000 girls who are without sanitary pads everymonth is disheartening. Lack of housing opportunities in this municipality causes the F4SD to be sleepless. The Rusternburg Local municipality is planless regarding the curbing of school drops. This as Forum 4 Service Delivery we can’t take it anymore.

This is the municipality which it’s budget was passed without hassle however no single project implementation which benefits the poor of the poorest has took place. 

Therefore, F4SD in Rusternburg led by its newly appointed councillor and whip, Napoleon Webster will table the motion of No confidence through secret ballot. 

F4SD strongly believes that the Speaker of Rusternburg municipality guided by UDM vz National Speaker Concort judgement allow this motion of No confidence to be carried through secret ballot due to some exceptional circumstances pertaining to this matter.

F4SD has started engaging with some of ANC councillors to replicate what their MPs did at National level and support this motion of No confidence. We as the  F4SD got an undertaking from not less than 5 of ANC councillors who confirmed that they will support this motion provided is carried in a way of secret.

For this motion to be successfull, we just need two ANC councillors to vote with the opposition. We warned ANC on the 19 August 2016 that five years is to long to tolerate substandard service delivery”.