Today (Thursday) Rooigrond Prison inmates will have a chance to tell their victims that they are sorry.  The Premier of North West Province Supra Mahumapelo in partnership with the Department of Correctional Services Rooigrond Management Area will lead Moral Regeneration and Restorative Justice Campaign for Probationers, Parolees and Offenders. The event will also observe National Crime Victims Rights Week.
Parolees, Probationers and Offenders will as part of this campaign, embark on a “RE KOPA TSHWARELO’’ march to submit a memorandum to the Office of the North West Premier to seek forgiveness.

The main part of the campaign will be a Victim Offender Dialogue (VOD) session whereby parolees will meet face to face with their victims to ask for forgiveness. The VOD is a voluntary process and provides a restorative conflict resolution process that places the victim at the centre of the correctional process in repairing the emotional and material harm caused by a crime.  The programme which is also delivered in the context of the Reconciliation, Healing and Renewal (RHR), is a necessary process of rehabilitation to ensure that the community, as the victim of crime, moves away from retribution and distrust, into partnerships that reduce crime by promoting good values of good citizenship, which empowers the victim and assist the offender to get reintegrated into society.
The campaign seeks to promote forgiveness and reconciliation, this with a view to enhance successful reintegration of Offenders, Parolees and Probationers back into society.  Premier Mahumapelo is also expected to visit Rooigrond Centre to address inmates and tour the correctional centre.