Taxi Operators shut down Rustenburg CBD

Developing Story: The situation is volatile in the Rustenburg CBD as taxi operators took to the streets in protest against the killings of two of their own. The CBD was shut down and no cars are allowed to go in or outside the CBD. Outraged taxi operators are seen walking around the street beating up alleged drug addicts known as  Nyaope boys. The operators also chased away Nigearian Nationals out of the CBD. Businesses had to close as scared owners, employees and customers ran for their lives. Police are seen trying to control the situation. It is alleged that the whole thing was started by the murders of two taxi drivers in Boitekong and the city centre. Our reporters  are the seen to keep you updated. 

3 thoughts on “Taxi Operators shut down Rustenburg CBD

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  1. This nyaope boys must be beaten up, now they took some bodies daddy,brother,husband, uncle for wat we don’t know
    They are ruining our city ,we can’t wall freely in,our town, because of them


    1. The police are not doing the are job, because these adicts are using restricted drugs that are not under the law what is the police doing about that absolutely nothing about it. But when innocent mine workers where asking for an increase in their pay, the police where there to kill everyone who was protecting. The a reason why the nyaope boyz are doing this is that they know that the authority wont so anything about it. For example the deaths of the two taxi driver in boitekong no one was held accountable for the deaths.


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