Investigate Rustenburg police – DA

The Democratic Alliance in the North West is calling for Rustenburg police to be investigated. The DA said it will write to the North West Police Commissioner, Baile Brenda Motswenyane, to initiate an investigation into the allegations that police in the area are working with criminals and contributing to the increase in crime rate.

DA’s Joe MacGluwa said his party calls for calm in Rustenburg after structures, such as houses, belonging to alleged drug lords were torched by community members.

“The frustrations of community members stem from their complaints falling on deaf ears and local SAPS officers colluding with alleged drug lords and other criminal elements. In order to stem the tide of criminality in our communities, honest and well-resourced police are needed, armed with a pro-active and responsible crime-busting programme of action”.

“Violence will not solve the problems in the area but will only deteriorate the situation even further. Our nation is governed by the rule of law, we cannot allow citizens to take the law into their own hands by allowing acts of vandalism and mob justice to prevail.It is unfortunate that the absence of the South African Police Service (SAPS) in the community has created a vacuum that has allowed mob justice and vigilantism to flourish,” said MacGluwa.



One thought on “Investigate Rustenburg police – DA

  1. The police public safety are all living on bribe money even the RLM when a problem are reported they just do nothing they go to the premisis to colect the bribes


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