COSATU to mobilise workers to attend the perjury case of Emmanuel Masoka in the Moss Phakoe murder case tommorow (Tuesday) in the Rustenburg Magistrate Court. Cosatu says Masoka is a key state witness, who recanted his evidence in a case of the killing of Moss Phakoe. Cosatu Deputy Secretay, Solly Phetoe said Masoka’s dishonesty and misleading actions  led to the release of Former Rustenburg Mayor Matthew Wolmarans and his bodyguard Enoch Matshaba from prison. Emmanuel Masoka has since been charged with perjury for making conflicting statements under oath. Moss Phakoe was shot and killed outside his home in March 2009, two days after submitting a dossier containing evidence of corruption in the Rustenburg municipality. “The federation wants Emmanuel Masoka to explain why he lied to the court, who gave him money to lie. We remain hopeful that the case on who killed Moss Phakoe will be reopened and that the killer/s will be identified and sent to prison for a long time”.

“COSATU remains convinced that Moss Phakoe’s death was a political assassination that was meant to silence him and stop him in his fight against corruption. The Deputy General Secretary of COSATU, Solly Phetoe will be leading the workers to support the Phakoe family on Tuesday at the Rustenburg Court. We urge all workers activists and South Africans that are opposed to corruption to join support the Moss Phakoe family on Tuesday at ye Rustenburg Court” said Phetoe.
The federation will not rest until Cde Moss Phakoe’s killers are identified and punished. Cde Moss Phakoe continues to inspire us in our relentless fight against corruption. expose those betraying our liberation movement through crime and corruption, which robs us of services and rots the moral fibre of our society. Cosatu has been in the vanguard of the fight to root out corruption.