The Democratic Alliance will write to the Matlosana Municipal Manager, Roger Nkhumise,  requesting a capacity and performance audit of the city’s Water and Sanitation department.

DA says the Matlosana area regularly suffers without proper water supply and most areas sporadically have no water.

DA councilor, Johannes le Grange said Matlosana area is 3,561 km² and the department only has three vehicles available to ensure maintenance, repairs and routine checks to water storage areas and plants takes place. He said these three vehicles must be shared amongst 60 employees.

“This is a direct result of poor planning and poor budgeting. We warned the ANC council that the budget for maintenance and infrastructure development is skimpy and inadequate. The ANC, however, once again disregarded maintenance as a critical necessity and still pushed through the annual budget and now claim that there is no money for repairs”.

“Businesses, including restaurants and water-inclined entities, are suffering. Households are dependent on water for cleaning and preparing food. Each afternoon the water pressure drops perpetuating a total lack of water, especially in the higher altitude areas.A pipe recently burst in Margaretha Prinsloo Street and it created a domino effect that could easily be fixed. Unlike the reservoirs, the excuses from the municipality never run dry,” said le Grange.