People’s Economic Growth Agency ready to assist NW SMMEs

The newly established People’s Economic Growth Agency PEGA in the North West will start operating end of March 2018. According Department of Finance, Economic and Enterprise Development, MEC Wendy Nelson, PEGA is informed by the Presidential Review Report on State Owned Entities (SOEs). Nelson said rationalisation of public entities is therefore in line with national government initiative.

“The merger process of the North West SOEs into PEGA, is to be completed in March 2018, and the merger will include amongst others, the NW Housing Corporation, Invest NW, North West Parks Board, North West Tourism Board. This process will result in the appointment of a single structure of board members, who will be responsible for the administration of PEGA in its entirety,”said Nelson.

 PEGA services include:

  • Loans and bridging finance to SMMEs
  • Assisting SMMEs to register and facilitate training
  • Establishment of the Special Economic Zone(SEZ)
  • Publishing of the North West Economic Data Report and
  • Projects Management



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