Digital Marketing on a spot light

As part of celebrating World Consumer Rights Day, the Department of Economy and Enterprise Development will host an interactive session with consumers under the theme “Making digital market place fairer” on the 15th March 2018, at Mmabatho Convention Centre.

The awareness event follows number of complaints received by the Department’s Consumer Affairs Office in relations to digital transactions.  The Department has observed that most of the consumers were misled by online advertisement which resulted in loosing due lack of information on the pros and cons of on line trading.

Part of the Consumer Affairs programme will be roadshows that will be conducted as from the 13th March 2018 all districts municipalities to create awareness on consumer related matters and to further highlight amongst others consumer’s fundamental when transacting over digital platform, where to go for assistance with different type of consumer disputes, as well as how to lodge complaints with respective consumer regulators. Departmental MEC, Hon. Wendy Nelson explained that it is the duty of the government to ensure that consumers do not get a raw deal and also that business people need to value their customers’ worth in the economic cycle.

“As government, we need to strengthen the economy by creating a conducive environment for both our businesses and consumers. It is clear that this will be a path towards building a digital world that consumers can trust”, said Nelson.

Consumers will be afforded an opportunity to interact with various regulatory bodies which include National Credit Regulator (NCR),Banking and Credit Ombudsmen) on the benefits and challenges that are related to digital market place and how to protect themselves from unscrupulous business practices in relation to digital marketing.


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