Inter-Ministerial Task Team Report – Read it Here

The Inter-Ministerial Task Team on North West was in the province this afternoon to table its preliminary report. At its meeting of Wednesday, April 25 2018, Cabinet deliberated on the unstable situation that has unfolded in the North West province, and which has affected a number of services, particularly health services.

Following the Cabinet meeting, President Cyril Ramaphosa appointed an
Inter-Ministerial Task Team (IMTT) to give urgent attention to matters of governance
and risks facing the North West province. The Ministers in the Task Team are; the
Ministers of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (Convener); Health; Finance;
Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, as well as the Justice, Crime
Prevention and Security Cluster of Ministers.


The Inter-Ministerial Task Team (IMTT) on North West presented a report on its
preliminary work to Cabinet on 09 May 2018. The report provided an account of the
preliminary work that has been done in the last two weeks.

The report reflected a diagnostic assessment of the situation in the North West
Province, covering root causes and remedial interventions required to restore
normality to the Province.
Cabinet was satisfied with the progress made by the IMTT in its efforts to stabilise
the Province.


Cabinet took a decision to invoke Section 100 (1) of the South African Constitution,
which authorizes national and provincial executives to intervene in provincial
administration and local government respectively within certain constitutional
constraints. The Constitution states that, when a province cannot or does not fulfil
an executive obligation in terms of the Constitution or legislation, the national
executive may intervene by taking any appropriate steps to ensure fulfilment of that

Based on the preliminary findings of the IMTT, President Cyril Ramaphosa has written
to the Chairperson of the National council of Provinces notifying her of Cabinet’s
decision to invoke section 100 (1) of the Constitution to address the problems in
the North West.

The Ministers who have equivalent departments in the province will use this week to
assess the findings in relation to specific North West Provincial departments to
determine whether to invoke Section 100(1) (a) or Section 100(1) (b). Cabinet will
receive the report from the IMTT reflecting recommendations from National
departments on the application of the relevant section. The President will then
write to inform the NCOP of the full nature of the intervention to meet the
constitutional obligations.

The fact-finding remains work in progress, The IMTT is still going through and
verifying the information that it received in its consultations with stakeholders.
This has to be a meticulous process that ensures that any claims that are made are
supported by evidence.


Over and above the obvious responsibility of restoring peace to the North West
Province, the JCPS Cluster has to conduct further investigations where
maladministration and/or corruption are suspected. In areas were glaring
contraventions of the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA) are found, the IMTT is
referring the matters to the law enforcement agencies for consideration of criminal


The IMTT would like to assure the people of South Africa that it is putting in place
the necessary interventions intended to resolve issues and restore normality in the
North West Province as mandated by Cabinet.

National government is putting together a capable team of specialist officials who
will work closely with the North West Executive to ensure better governance systems
and improved services for the people of the province.

Reports on progress will be made to Cabinet on a fortnightly basis in line with the
IMTT mandate.


It is regrettable that the people of the North West Province allowed the criminal
element to embed itself in their grievance processes through acts of looting and
destruction of property. We reiterate our call for our people to be vigilant and
reject this opportunism, especially when it affects essential services like public
health facilities and shutdown entire communities to register their concerns.

As we conclude, The IMTT would like to express its appreciation to all the officials
supporting the ongoing work in the North West Province, especially the executive and
senior government leaders of the province for their cooperation.

The IMTT would like to thank the provincial executive led by Premier Supra
Mahumapelo as well as senior official in the North West Province for their
cooperation in ensuring a smooth fact-finding process. They were always ready to
meet with us and answer our questions. This assisted us to meet the Cabinet deadline
for submission of the preliminary report.

We would also like to thank the North West community for allowing calm to restore to
the province as this makes the work of the IMTT easier. We also thank the officers
our security agencies on the ground who continue to provide security to the public
and property.

We also extend a special word of thanks to the members of the South African Military
Health Services for insuring that our people continue to receive healthcare

while the labour impasse within the Provincial Department of Health is being addressed.
Lastly, we thank you members of the media for your interest in keeping South
Africans informed about the work that we are doing to assist this province. We will
continue to give you updates as the process moves forward.

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