Kgetleng Local Municipality back to normality – Municipal Manager

Kgetleng Rivier Local Municipality has confirmed that services will resume and operations will be back to normal with effect from Wednesday, 06 June 2018. Water will be supplied through tankers around Koster and affected areas. According to the municipal manager, Joseph Mogale, management and Council are happy with the developments on engagement with the community representatives after the protests which affected service delivery last month.

Mogale said the municipality has noted with concern negative media statement from the Democratic Alliance with wrongful accusations leveled against the municipality.
“We acknowledge that there were water supply interruption and issues with water quality after realization that there was intrusion at the water pump station during the protests which in turn affected water supply to our communities. The management therefore engaged Magalies Water Board as the Bulk Water Supplier and was only informed today that the water was not safe for human consumption. Council therefore apologizes for the inconvenience caused to all residents of Kgetleng Rivier Local Municipality”.

“The municipality wishes to remind the Democratic Alliance that for the past two financial years, the municipality has received unqualified audit opinion. Management has developed an Audit improvement Action plan to deal with matters of emphasis wherein we will work closely with the auditor general towards attaining improved audit outcomes.
In as much as we are municipalities that need serious intervention, so far there has not been formal communication by the Provincial Government. As the municipality we welcome the intervention by the National Government and our cooperation will surely make an impact in service provision
Council wishes to confirm that necessary recruitment process was followed in appointing senior managers in line with relevant regulations and it is therefore unfortunate for the Democratic Alliance to allege that the appointed managers are inexperienced. Council has full confidence in the management.
The municipality has made necessary arrangement with Eskom to settle its electricity debt and will fully meet agreement terms without fail,” said Mogale..

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