More than 200 jobs up for grabs in NW Health Department

The Inter-Ministerial task team
took over North West last month and its effect start to take toll. National
Minister of Health, Dr Aaron Motsoaledi said the country’s health facilities
are facing staff shortages, not stock-outs of essential medication. He said the
department is managing to meet the increasing demand for medication, noting
that in a few weeks they will be providing Antiretroviral medication (ARVs) for
six million South Africans. Dr Motsoaledi said staff shortages are in fact the
department’s biggest challenge but felt some of these shortages were
self-inflicted like in the North West province, where there were many
vacancies. He said they have noted that the North West was the only instance of
a system in collapse, something which they are working on.

“We are actually very
badly affected. We have decided to enter the battle robustly. Some of the
shortages are truly self-inflicted like in the North West where after placing
the Department under Section 100 (1) (b) we found huge vacancies. This month we
are going to fill 223 vacancies at the cost of R150 million. Our other problem
is Gauteng, which carries the burden of all the former Transvaal Provinces and
even the whole of SADC”.

“We are painfully aware of
poor or lack of management skills in most of our hospitals. We are also aware
of the negative attitudes of some staff members in quite a number of our
facilities. As from today – Tuesday – 05 june 2018, we are deploying 200
officials from the Head Office, i.e managers, doctors, nurses, to all our
provinces to go directly into hospitals and help with management. While we have
mentioned the long waiting times, as brought about by the high demand for
health services, we also believe with good management skills and planning, some
of these waiting times can be markedly reduced. And therefore we will see at
the end of this month what difference it will make when senior people from Head
Office are in the facilities themselves. I am prepared to answer questions
especially on the allegations made in the media over the past 2 days,” said Dr Motsoaledi.

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