Parliament check North West final exams readiness

The North West Provincial Legislature’s Portfolio Committee on Education, Sports and Recreation joined the National Parliament Portfolio Committee on Basic Education on an Oversight meeting with the Department of Education and Sport Development in Taung.
The week-long visit started with a meeting of different stakeholders in the education sector that included, the School Governing Body (SGB) associations, Governance Alliance, labour unions like SADTU, NAPTOSA etc, Councillors, Traditional Leaders, Members of Parliament and Members of the Provincial Legislature.
The purpose for the visit, amongst others, is to check the readiness of the province for the final examinations; whether the province is providing quality learning and teaching; challenges of infrastructure and teacher development; introduction of African Languages at schools; Issues of conditional grants and their utilisation; and functionality of SGBs.
The MPs will not only monitor but will also engage the department on how to improve its performance.
NWPL Portfolio Committee Chairperson Gaoage Molapisi who co-chaired the meeting with Parliament Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on Basic Education, Nomalungelo Gina welcomed the Committee and emphasized the importance of working together in ensuring that the quality of teaching and learning is improved in the province. Gina also emphasised that the visit is going to assist the province to identify gaps and work on them.
“We are here to check how ready is the province in writing their final examinations including how they are going to store their examination question papers. We are going to monitor the Curriculum coverage and how strong are the School Governing Bodies in different schools. We will check how is the province supporting the progressed learners and how they are implementing the Incremental of the African Languages in schools”, said Gina.

Gina further indicated that they’re going to check how the province is handling the Fundza Lushaka teachers including how they handle the recruitment of the Foreign teachers.

“We will also check how functional are the Quality Learning and Teaching Campaign in various schools. We will look at how is the province dealing with the Early Childhood Development in the province”, said Hon Gina.

MEC Sello Lehari in his response to the Portfolio Committee assured them that the department is on track in providing quality learning and teaching to the learners.

“As a province we have conducted successful School Governing Bodies elections across the province. We have also appointed 4000 temporary educators and converted them to be permanent. We want to assure the Portfolio Committee that we do provide the National School Nutritional Programme to learners in many schools across the province”, said MEC Lehari.
On Monday the committee will visited Taung Teacher Enrichment Centre and Goitseone Mankuroane Storage Centre, Tuesday (PH Moeketsi, Pinagare H. School, Molelema Primary and Christiana School for the blind), Wednesday (Botswana Commercial H. School, Boitseanape Technical, Kebalepile Junior Secondary and Batloung H. School) Friday (Wrap – up meeting at Garona Building).

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