North West municipalities put under administration

COSATU and SAMWU North West welcome staggering application of Section 139(b) of the Constitution in some Municipalities.We welcome the decision by the North West Provincial Government to put Municipalities under administration in terms of Section 139(b) of the Constitution of South Africa. However, there are still municipalities that have been left out that we had hope for their inclusion under 139 (c) informed by past experiences and current challenges. We are of the view that COGTA and Premier should also consider the fact that we submitted detailed report and we expected a courtesy consultation from government to convene Cosatu and SAMWU Leadership in respect of government approach towards municipalities. Cosatu presented all municipalities that need to be put under section 139(b) to IMTT before the Province.

We condemn the attitude displayed by Provincial Government to SAMWU as major stakeholders and a recognised union in municipalities by not consulting them over such a critical decisions. We are waiting to see who are the capable people who will be appointed as administrators; we hope it is not going to be like the past where incapable people were appointed who worsened the situation and disregarded workers under SAMWU. We expect the MEC to urgently convene LLF’s to resolve all challenges raised by workers.

We are encouraged by this bold step from the Premier to restore normality as a lot of damage have been done to both the workers and the community in the Province where institutions were reduced to source of patronage and being on impulsive mode rather than reason and logic, point in case Madibeng, Rustenburg, Mamusa, Tswaing and JB Marks Local Municipalities.

Our view is that this step takes us closer to meaningful engagements but also acceding to the noble calling of Thuma Mina with the emphasis of bringing changes against maladministration in municipalities. Workers gains have been drastically reversed and relationships between workers and the employers have been poisoned most of the time.

We further welcome the suspension of the Municipal Manager of Mahikeng Municipality and we want him to account for monies of workers and the community that were wasted.

For more information contact Provincial Secretary of Cosatu and SAMWU on 071 489 1384/082 463 1840/ 083 580-8815/073 363-3155

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