Ramokomastad community dispute current Phalane leadership

Paramount Chief of Baphalane Manotshe Ramokoka and the Royal Family of Ramokokastad, strongly
condemns the ongoing violent protests in Ramokokastad, a sub village of Phalane, outside
Rustenburg. The violent protests are brought by a splinter group disputing the current leadership of
the Phalane nation. The group which is known as Bosele-Tsogang Engagement Forum’s main
intention is to disrupt the administration of the tribal authority and to make the village ungovernable
under the leadership of the rightful Chief of Baphalane, Kgosi Joy James Manotshe Ramokoka.
Baseless allegations have been thrown to the poor faces of community members.

In the forefront of the protests, is Ramokoka Mokoka who lost in the leadership battle. He is
currently the legal representative of the group in court cases. The group is keeping the outcome of
the leadership battle from the community since the department of Culture, Arts and traditional
Affairs is yet to formally announce to the community that Kgosi Manotshe Ramokoka is the rightful
The royal family is working closely with Government, Moses Kotane Local Municipality and SAPS to
ensure safety and smooth running of the village operation. Kgosi Ramokoka has called on the group
to allow schools and clinic to be opened and buses to be operational. He says no child deserves to
have a diminished future and no worker deserves to loose their jobs and livelihoods because of one-
man’s evil endeavours. The tribal authority has been unable to render services to the community due
to the protests. Other sub-offices in other villages are operating, and community members from
affected areas are encouraged to visit those offices for services.
Five houses have since been torched since the protests flared up in Phalane in June. The Royal family
would like to encourage the other villages such as, Mmorogong, Phadi, Bojating, Mantserre,
Rankelenyane and Tweelaagte to remain resolute in their reasoning and to continue to believe in
facts rather than myths.
Kgosi Ramokoka encourages any Mophalane who has any evidence of crime and fraudulent activities
against him or any member of the Royal family to present it to the following institutions; SAPS, THE
HAWKS or The Presidency Hotline. Kgosi Ramokoka encourages community members to believe in
facts not fiction and make their own research if in doubt of any information given to them.

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  1. Joseph. says:

    The main problem is about corrruption not not leadership.


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