North West Premier, Job Mokgoro urged the community of Ramokokastad to allow schooling and basic services to continue as he appoints investigators with clear terms of references relating to issues raised around administration and good governance.

Mokgoro announced his decision on the necessary provincial government interventions aimed at bringing stability and calm to Ramokokastad; where violent protests erupted three months back leading to a shutdown of schools, clinics and several businesses in the area.

The protests followed allegations of maladministration and corruption brought by the community against the BaPhalane Traditional Council.

The decision is culmination of a series of meetings between the BaPhalane boo Ramokoka, Premier Mokgoro, MEC for Culture, Arts and Traditional Affairs, Ontlametse Mochware as well as the leadership of the Moses Kotane Local Municipality.

Addressing a community meeting in Ramokokastad, Mokgoro said that by virtue of the powers entrusted on him and having taken cognisance of all relevant circumstances, the interests of the BaPhalane Traditional Community as well as the need to restore peace and order in the area, he immediately invoked Section 10 (2) read with Section 9 (3) of the North West Traditional Leadership and Governance Act, Act No 2 of 2005 as an intervention measure.

Section 10 (2) states that the Premier may, subject to the provisions of this Act and the Constitution and with due observation of the tradition applicable in a traditional community, take such steps as may be necessary to ensure the due performance of the functions referred to in subsection (1).

On the other hand, Section 9 (3) states that the Premier may take such steps, not inconsistent with this Act, to ensure proper administration and good governance by traditional councils.

He added that to bring stability, members of the community are urged to cooperate with and support the intervention team.

Furthermore, Premier Mokgoro appealed with the BaPhalane boo Ramokoka to allow learners to go to school, allow the clinics to open and daily operations to continue while the intervention is unfolding.

Premier announced that due to the sensitivity of the prevailing situation and to bring stability, the intervention will be with effect from today – 12 September 2018.