No show for North West artists at Mahika Mahikeng

Organisers of Macufe copied Mahika Mahikeng has done it again – leaving North West artists wanting. Even artists who performed at last year’s event were not considered this year. Scores of local artists are calling the organisers time and and again only to be told that the lineup is not final. Many said they were surprised to see the lineup on social media. “These guys don’t take us serious. They paid an overseas artist but they can’t consider us. How can we develop art in our province if we don’t take local artists serious,” asked one artist who did not want to be named as she fears victimization.
The Department of Culture Arts and Traditional Affairs was quick to issue a media statement saying the lineup is not final. But one artist asked:”How do u release and advertise unfinished poster?”. Departmental spokesperson, Shuping Sebolecwe said the department is concerned with the insults, malicious and derogatory utterances made on social media which are ill informed and untrue. He said some of the artists and service providers have previously benefited from this event and would only be correct that they give others a chance.
“The line-up uploaded on Mahika-Mahikeng and Department of Culture, Arts and Traditional Affairs social media platforms is of some of the secured artists who will form part and perform on the outlined dates, which does not mean, it is by far the final list,” said Sebolecwe.

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