Rustenburg Municipality fires seven corrupt employees

Rustenburg Local Municipality investigated several tenders suspected to be issued irregular and as a result wrong doing was found and that led to the dismissal of seven employees. Municipal spokesperson, David Magae said following a resolution by a full Municipal Council last year, to uphold good governance principles and clamping down on mismanagement of public funds, the Municipal Manager of Rustenburg Local Municipality, implemented a forensic investigation into a number contracts which were awarded irregularly. Magae said subsequent to the commencement and conclusion of the investigation the Municipality has dismissed seven employees.

“The Municipality in its endeavour to ensure that the forensic investigations can be fair, appointed reputable service providers in the area of forensic investigations such ENS Forensics (Pty) Ltd. The employees were appointed members of the Bid Evaluation Committee (BEC) which is central to Supply Chain Management processes, more specifically the appointment of service providers and ensuring compliance with the applicable legislation and relevant policies when awarding a contract.

The Municipality taking into cognisance the responsibility of the BEC as it relates to the dispensary of public funds, deemed it necessary to institute an independent forensic investigation into how contracts were awarded to service providers and if the applicable processes and policies were adhered to”.

“The Rustenburg Local Municipality as an employer did not have an active role, other than furnishing the forensic investigators with the requisite information, on the contract under review during the investigation. Further to that it was in the Municipality’s interest to initiate these steps in protecting both public funds and infrastructure the institution would administer on behalf of the community of Rustenburg”.

“Being guided by the Municipal Finance Management Act (MFMA) the Municipality had to stop any irregular activity which would compromise the administrative and financial standing of the Municipality.

The report of the forensic investigations, focused on the following contracts and irregularities and whether the credit control policy processes were followed:

(a) Revenue Enhancement: Credit Control
(Electricity Meters) (tender no.

(b) Revenue Enhancement: Credit Control
(Water Meters) (tender no.
and The High Mast Lights tenders:
(a) Mosenthal / Ikageng Phase 2 (tender
no. RLM/DTIS/0021/2016/2017)

(b) Kanana Phase 2 (tender no.

(c) Maumong Phase 2 (tender no.

(d) Thabaneng Phase 2 (tender no.

(e) Rasimone Phase 2 (tender no.

(f) Robega Phase 2 (tender no.

Rustenburg Local Municipality aims to be a world class city and is serious about ensuring that the administration upholds the principles of good governance. There will be no stone left unturned in ensuring the public purse is spent to benefit the residents,” said Magae.

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  1. Mike says:

    That;s a very good step….poor citizens of this town need to be protected from these vultures who are stealing public funds to enrich themselves


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