Report misuse of municipal vehicles – take a photo or video and WhatsApp it

There will be no misuse of Rustenburg Local Municipality’s vehicles this festive season. If you see it at the mall doing private duties – just take a photo and WhatsApp it.

Residents are hereby requested by the Rustenburg Local Municipality to take photographic evidence of Municipal fleet, should it become suspicious that the vehicles are not reflecting any response to service delivery related queries.

The Municipality is working closely with the Automated Fleet Management Company in ensuring that the Municipality clamps down on officials who abuse municipal vehicles.

Photographs of Municipal vehicles that may be identified at shopping malls/centres, parked under trees and or in areas where there is no substantive evidence of service delivery can be sent by WhatsApp to 079 893 7429.

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  1. Pontsho Sello says:

    Are they not supposed to grap something to eat?Are they suppose to work in the sun,being exposed to skin cancer?
    Some people will be personal when it comes to reporting.
    The municipality was supposed to look at the advantages amd disadvantages as well of reporting the misuse.

    They need to be treated as employees as well as they will be on duty.

    I personally have a concern with this kind of misuse because they are Lae enforcement departmwnt and other peoplw dont know the difference.They need to be protected .


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