Teenager who killed teacher to be sentence today

A 17-year old pupil who stabbed and killed his 24-year-old maths teacher in his classroom in Zeerust is expected to be sentenced today. The teenager pleaded guilty to murder charges. The teacher, Gadimang Mokolobate died at a local clinic after the stabbing. Last week a parent assaulted a school teacher with an umbrella in Tlhatlhaganyane and this week a 14-year-old Grade 5 learner was stabbed to death with a pair of scissors at Atamelang. North West MEC for Education and Sport Development Sello Lehari said his department will convene a seminar next week that will deal with School Safety.

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  1. kgne south Africa y e aparetse ke leru le leso ….messiah kgalema lefase


  2. Mathapelo Motuku says:

    If my people who are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray. I will hear from heaven and forgive their sins and heal their land. When we equalled Christ the Lord to other gods we gave Satan grounds to do evil, the government legalized Satan and his cohorts to do their evil nature. The enemy has come to steal kill and destroy that is what is happening and it is the male seed that is dying, you kill a male seed you destroy generations to come. Life is the seed the ground fertilize the seed and allows it to grow within it, but without a seed you loosing generations. Bring CHRIST TO SCHOOLS AND OUR FUTURE WILL BE BRIGHT. MR PRESIDENT CALL A FAST NATION WIDE LET ALL MEN KIND SEEK THE LORD AND WE SHALL BE SAVED. HUMAN BEINGS WE HAVE THE POWER TO WHOM WE LEGALIZE ON OUR TERRITORY SPIRITS ARE ILLEGAL ON OUR EARTH BECAUSE THEY DON’T HAVE WHAT LEGALIZE THEM WHICH IS THE BODY. OUR WEAPON IS OUR BODIES CALL ON THE NAME OF THE LORD AND HE WILL ANSWER.


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