Moses Kotane Monument makes up for Metsi A Wele

The second day of the media tour, was what most of the journalists looked forward to. However, the day started on a low note when upon arrival to the village of Tlokweng, a rather secluded village rich in traditional and cultural religion, we learned that the hike to the sacred “Metsi A Wele” had been cancelled due to the fact that we had arrived late. According to the village Kgosi, no one is allowed to go near the sacred after midday.However disappointing as this may have been, the next item of the program was to view the Moses Kotane Monument. Kotane was a former SA Communist Party general secretary and former treasurer general of the ANC. One of the first activists to be banned under the Suppression of Communism Act, died in 1978 in Russia. His remains were remains were repartriated and reburied in the village of Pella in the Moses Kotane Local Municipality in 2015. Although there were some negative rumours surrounding Kotane’s burial site, his nephew Ben Kotane said that the matter had been resolved. He said “the land in which my uncle is buried was not initially ours, but this matter has been resolved”. The site was later declared a national heritage site by the South African Human Resource Agency.The tour, organised by the Moses Kotane Local Municipality in partnership with Bojanala Platinum District Municipality and the North West Department of Tourism, is aimed at showcasing the beauty and unique tourism products that the local municipality is offering, affording members of the media the opportunity to get first-hand experience thus encouraging both domestic and international tourists to explore the municipality.

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