From a boma dinner to a township rest

By Nyakallo Mosala

Situated in an indigenous bush near the luxury resort and casino, Sun City, the Letsatsing Boma restaurant provides not only a delicious meal, but also a unique cultural experience. Driven in an open open vehicle through the bush from the resort’s entrance, we arrived to a rather secluded place surrounded by a lake, the best place from which to get a beautiful view of Sun City. Embellished with traditional decor, the warmth of the thatched boma boasts a vibrant atmosphere. Before the commencement of the dinner the journalists along with municipal and provincial government officials were treated to a drumming session around a bonfire.

The session was then followed by a boma dinner whilst traditional performers displaying energetic song and dance, which made the dining experience one of the best. It is still mind boggling however, why this kind of place is not visibly marketed.

The end of the night came as each journalist was allocated their place of rest in various Bed and Breakfasts in Mogwase, this as part of the experience that the local municipality had for the media. Having been in the sun for most part of the day, it did not come as a surprise to the owner of Vicky B BnB when we rushed to our rooms to sleep. However, it was the African decor with a touch of modern twist of the room, that took one’s breath away. The paint splattered walls with browns, reds and gold gave the rooms a magical aura. Also impressive was the headboards by the beds, that were handmade by the owner’s daughter Olebogeng Moagi with the help of her 2 year old son. “I don’t have any experience in carpentry but I enjoyed making these” she said. Vicky B is situated in Unit 1 of Mogwase and was built in January 2014. “Although this was my home, I wanted to turn it into something that would sustain myself and children. I only had R40 000 in my bank account when I started this BnB and through the grace of God, we have hosted international guests who might have come to Sun City, but wanted to get a township feel” Vicky B owner Vicky Moagi (57) said. The place comprises 7 rooms which are inclusive of two family rooms. For the good service and experience, apart from little issues experienced as can be expected for someone who is still starting, it is fair to say that with her cheap rates of R850 per room, it is no surprise that her business is booming.

Day 2 of the media tour was complete.

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