Easter Weekend Message from Premier Job Mokgoro

The Easter Period is upon us and citizens in North West province, like those in the rest of the country, will embark on journeys to reunite with families and friends, visit different holiday destinations, while many others will be going to various places of worship for spiritual rejuvenation.

Unfortunately also during Easter Weekend, it is a period when many lives are lost on our roads.

Roads in the North West province and the country in general will be abuzz with a high volumes of traffic and we are making a humble plea to all road users; drivers, passengers and pedestrians, to be patient and tolerant towards each other on the road.

Let us drive cautiously, stick to the speed limit, take rest intervals when tired and do not drink and drive. It is our own responsibility to ensure that we drastically decrease fatal crashes on our roads.

Un-roadworthy vehicles also account to many fatalities on the roads; therefore drivers must inspect their vehicles before embarking on long journeys.

Let’s work together with law enforcement authorities as their primary task is to ensure that we all travel safely and arrive alive.

I hereby, on behalf of the North West Provincial Government, wishes you all a safe, peaceful, restful and joyful Easter Weekend.

Prof Tebogo Job Mokgoro


North West Provincial Government


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