More police and Soldiers deployed in NW ahead of elections

North West has been identified as one of the hotspot areas in the country ahead of Wednesday’s Elections. Minister of police, Bhwki Cele said they are not taking chances as they deploy more police officers and SANDF in all protest threatened areas. Most areas threatened to boycott the ections and protest at voting stations.

North West MEC for Community Safety and Transport Management, Dr Mpho Motlhabane calls for investigation and arrest of people responsible for the torching of Tlhakajeng Primary School at Tlhakajeng Section in the Kraaipan Village. The school is allegedly torched over the weekend by a group of people who are intending to boycott elections as a result of fighting for service delivery amongst them being the construction of the school.

The torched school was one of the IEC voting stations where people in the area were expected to cast their votes on Wednesday the 8th May 2019.

“Destroying public and private property is a crime and our police will not leave any stone unturned. No one is above the law, if a crime has been committed, there must be an investigation and perpetrators must be arrested.

If people want to boycott elections they must not destruct those who want to vote because it is their democratic rights too,” said the irritated Motlhabane who further outlined that the poor learners are missing track of time for their syllabus just because of irresponsible people who decided to burn the school for boycotting election.

“Election period will only last for three days and will be done, however learners will lose so much time from their syllabus. And what irritates me more is that people take these terrible actions in the name of service delivery. What does service delivery has to do with the school now, suffering the poor learners,” said the furious Motlhabane.

The Police are investigating the case of arson, and no arrests have been made yet.

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