Chief’s brother “moer” Mmakgosi

Barolong bo Ratlou Mmakgosi is in pain while Chief’s brother is expected to appear in court tomorrow – Friday.

Seleka Letsapa was arrested over the weekend after he allegedly kicked and punched his brother’s wife, Mmakgosi Martha Letsapa.

Seleka allegedly hit Mmakgosi numerous times with fists until she fell down and kicked her several times at Setlagole village outside Mahikeng over the weekend.

According to sources close to the Royal Family, Seleka accused Mmakgosi of meddling in the Barolong affairs uninvited.

Police arrested him on Sunday and on Monday was released on free bail by the Atamelang Magistrate’s Court.

Women First Leader in the North West, Bosa Ledwaba condemned the incident. Ledwaba said that they are outraged by the incident.
“As WF we are shocked and outraged that at this day and age, in the democratic country there are people who resolve issues using violence especially in the Royal Family. We condemn the attack of Mmakgosi and we appeal to the court to take strong action against the chief’s brother. This is really GBH now we wonder why he was given free bail. We are against gender based violence and cannot let the abuse of women at all level to continue unabated. This is a clear indication of how women are confronted by violence on a daily basis. We call on the Social Development to provide counselling for the victim,” said Ledwaba.

The incident has since caused the division within the community with some members supporting Mmakgosi and others the chief’s brother.

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  1. Frederick Nke says:

    Sad indeed, royal disputes should not be solved by violence and courts A disgrace to the royal family 🙏


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