Business booming at Marikana Massacre

For Zamani Khumalo who hails from Soweto, in Johannesburg, the 7th Anniversary of the Marikana Massacre presented a business opportunity. A street vendor of note, Khumalo says that although he does not know much about what transpired on August 16th, 2012, when the thought of packing up and driving all the way to Marikana popped in his mind, he did not hesitate.

From where the marquee where the podium and the speakers of the day stand, there are over 50 vendors each selling different products; from food, snacks to AMCU regalia.

Khumalo who sells AMCU regalia including berets, caps, flags, t-shirts, sweaters and jumpsuits says although it was his first time at this kind of event. “I wish I had known that business was this well, I would have come here a long time ago” he said. Scores of people in AMCU regalia, some of which were bought from Khumalo, were carrying knobkerries and chanting struggle songs as they headed to the koppie.

By midday Khumalo had already made a hefty profit, having arrived only at 7am. He excitingly said that the Marikana Massacre commemoration, was one business opportunity that he was not going to let slip. “This is my first time and I will be coming here every year until it no longer happens”. His merchandise ranges from R20 for a beret and R350 for a fully AMCU branded jumpsuit.

Other vendors at the event included those who sold food (pap and vleis) snacks, fizzy drinks, cigarettes amongst others.

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