“South Africa does not need 4IR” says Mathunjwa

Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union President Joseph Mathunjwa says that for the economy of South Africa to thrive, it does not the 4th Industrial Revolution. He was giving the keynote address at the 7th Anniversary of the Marikana Massacre, held at the Marikana koppie were 34 mineworkers lost their lives after a shooting spree by members of the South African Police Services, on 16th August 2012. Dressed in the same attire as he did on the fateful day, Mathunjwa said “we don’t want the 4th Industrial Revolution, but we want the 4th Economic Revolution.” He said that government’s interest was only to make profit. “If they are serious about the 4th Industrial Revolution, they must first change the curriculum in schools” he said. He highlighted that South Africa’s unemployment rate was higher than 29%, claiming it to be at 50%. Mathunjwa further said that the 4th Industrial Revolution will only enslave the black majority, saying that the number of unemployed graduates was scaringly high.

He stressed that the capture of the state did not start during former President Jacob Zuma’s tenour. “Do not allow the media to lie to you. Media assist the nation and empower the nation. Don’t come here with the Western and caucatious narrative to suppress the thinking of a black person in Africa” he said.

Mathunjwa also used the platform to also go back into the day seven years ago. He said “It was a difficult day. I had never seen so many guns in my life. Seeing them and with wage negotiations with Lonmin reaching a stalemate, I knew that something bad was going to happen”. He said that he tried to call his other colleagues to inform them how the talks went but there was no signal. “After I addressed the mineworkers who were gathered at the koppie that their employer did not submit to their demands, Mambush said that they had heard me and that I must go and tell the world what had happend” he said. Mambush, whose real name was Mgcineni Noki, was Lonmin strike leader in the green blanket who was shot 14 times on August 16th, including on his head.

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