North West ready for 2020 academic year

As schools reopen on Wednesday, 15 January 2020, the North West Department of Education is ready to welcome the 2020 cohort and carry on with teaching and learning this academic year.

This is informed by proper planning and completion of delivery of stationery and workbooks to schools across the province.
Textbooks are at a promising 99% and the outstanding will be delivered before schools reopen.

Schools have already received the school based Learner Attainment Improvement Plans to guarantee that time on task is fully implemented for the running of the school calendar. These plans include thorough preparation of teachers by ensuring that lesson plans are in place in accordance with teacher working plans.

Learner Registration has also been successfully implemented in the previous way to ease the stress of long queues when schools reopen for learners who are still on waiting lists, parents are urged to contact learner admission hubs in their various districts.

Departmental officials are deployed to monitor a smooth start of the first day of reopening in all schools across the province.

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