Nepotism at Tshepong Hospital – MEC appoints investigator

North West MEC for Health Madoda Sambatha today (Tuesday) convened the meeting and addressed all stakeholders including Unions at Tshepong Hospital with regard to the matter relating to alleged nepotism list that started circulating in social media since Friday the 17th January 2020.

In his intervention Sambatha reassured all representatives of different Community Organisations, Trade Unions,  the Dr Kenneth Kaunda District Health and Klerksdorp/Tshepong Hospital Complex Management Teams that: The whistle blower will protected in this regard.

“North West department advocates for and is committed to clean and fair processes of human resource recruitment as governed by DPSA. We would like to get rid of any kind of nepotism whatsoever, ensure reputable public health institutions and protect its integrity and rapport as a Department. The department authority is not going to tolerate conniving, corruption and nepotism,” said Sambatha.

MEC will appoint an independent investigator with a legal background by, 20th January 2020. The independent investigator will be given clear terms of reference and introduced to all stakeholders who attended the meeting. The contacts of the independent investigator will be made known to all stakeholders.

Anyone who want to submit inputs relating to the matter in question is welcome to do so via the Independent investigator. The department will reinforce the training of personnel involved in human resource recruitment and further strengthen the said processes. Based on the outcomes of the independent investigations necessary steps will be taken to discipline those found to have contravened the government recruitment procedure who may include The Shortlisting & Interview Panel Members, Union Representatives and affected newly appointed employees.

“Currently there are no legal basis to suspend any Hospital Employee hence the need to await the investigation for factual outcomes to inform steps to be taken”.

“Labour Unions are at liberty to conduct their own internal investigations in situations where their members are allegedly affected. All stakeholders welcomed and supported the independent investigation and will await the outcomes. Sambatha and all stakeholders appeal for calm to allow the process of investigations to unfold and to deal decisively with the allegations. The Department will update Stakeholders and Public with regard to the outcomes of the investigations,” said the MEC.


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