Why Fire Lekalakala? Send him to jail – DA

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in North West is disappointed that the Department of Health Head of Department (HOD), Thabo Lekalakala, was only dismissed last week.

In a statement, Freddy Sonakile, DA North West Chief Whip said Lekalakla was suspended for over a year for allegedly misrepresenting his work experience on his Curriculum Vitae, financial irregularities and gross misconduct that included the irregular advancement of R30 million to the Gupta-linked Mediosa medical company.

“It is further unfathomable that, with such serious allegations levelled against him, he is not imprisoned yet. The slackness of the ANC Government to deal with criminals is again displayed and we call on Premier Job Mokgoro to be consistent in his action against corruption and mismanagement of public funds.

After finally dismissing Thabo Lekalakala, the Premier must now demonstrate consistency by dealing decisively with all other HODs that are implicated in similar criminal activities, especially those that have been suspended indefinitely with full pay.

To this end, we specifically refer to the Department of Public Works HOD, Pakiso Mothupi, who has been suspended for his alleged involvement in irregular advancement of R103 million to Ayamah Consulting Engineers for the refurbishment of roads in the province.

The DA is of the strong view that individuals implicated in corrupt activities should not only lose their jobs, but should also be criminally charged, along with the political heads that are involved.

The ANC leadership is notorious for promoting the most corrupt to senior political positions. If Premier Mokgoro is serious about rooting out corruption, he must ensure that politicians who are accomplices in such dubious acts will be arrested instead of being promoted.

The DA will continue to be at the forefront to ensure that clean governance becomes a reality in the North West Province,” said Sonakile.

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