MEC Mohono aims to improve food nutrition

About 1.8 million people in the North West go to bed hungry. That is why the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development is on a drive to decrease malnutrition. According to MEC Desbo Mohono who was leading the Food Security programme in Marikana today – Wednesday 19 February, the aim of the programme is to enhance the participation of rural people, particularly women and the underprivileged in agriculture; encourage diversified agricultural production to improve food nutrition and safety nets and stimulate agricultural production in the marginalised and poorer areas within the province; creating job opportunities and enhancing household income. “The programme will also help the department improve the quality of the people and make sure that they do not live in poverty or malnutrition. Because if people do not get good nutritious food, we are going to get more sick people and this will also impact on the department of health and sometimes they would not necessarily have enough money,” said Mohono.
The Department handed over 100 indigenous chickens, feed and garden tools to identified beneficiaries in Wonderkom, near Marikana.
One of the beneficiaries was 77-year-old Rebecca Masimong, who lives with her three children and two 5-year-old grandchildren. The poverty-stricken family said it was happy that they were identified as one of the beneficiaries. “We are very happy because sometimes we go to bed hungry because there is nothing to eat” said Masimong’s eldest daughter Tiny. The family survives on money made from selling chillies they have planted at their backyard and social grants. “Sometimes when we run out of money, I go around the village to wash other people’s laundry so that I can be able to put food on the table” said Tiny.
The family was planted two fig trees and given a backyard garden consisting of red and green bell peppers, spinach as well as chillies.
The MEC said the department will come back to make sure that the beneficiaries get the necessary support to sustain their gardens.

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