EFF MPLs ejected, DA walks out

The North West State of the province address by Premier Job Mokgoro, started on a disruptive note with members on the Economic Freedom Fighter (EFF) standing on points of orders and the Democratic Alliance (DA) staging a walk out, citing an illegitimate seating. “Anybody who is not willing to listen to the premier, may leave the house. It is clear that there is an intention to disrupt. If anyone is going to stand on many points of order, Sergeants at arms, please be ready to escort them out” said North West Provincial Legislature Speaker, Susan Dantjie.

Dantjie highlighted that the premier had the right to address the province. “Honourable members, I must indicate that your conduct is disruptive. This is an abuse of your privilege as an MPL. The premier has the right to address the province. The next member who is going to disrupt the premier, I will have no choice but to have them taken out. That is the first warning” she said as EFF MPL Papiki Babuile stood on a point of order.

It was however, within minutes of the first warning  that the DA staged a walk out citing that the premier was not fit to deliver the state of the province address. Subsequently, EFF MPLs Papiki Babuile and Matshidiso Botse were escorted out the legislature by sergeants at arms, after their points of order.



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