Off Duty Traffic Officer’s tenacity let to the arrest of three suspects with unlicensed firearms

An off duty traffic officer became and instant hero when he played an important role on the arrest of three suspects with unlicensed firearms.

Provincial Traffic Officer, Thato Clement Pule had attended training session on Thursday in Brits and was driving back to Zeerust when he discovered a suspicious vehicle making a u-turn on R49 near the Zeerust weigh bridge a couple of kilometres before N4. It was already late in the evening but instincts told him the vehicle or the driver is up to no good.

“I followed a suspicious vehicle for almost 100km and contacted SAPS to come and assist”, said PT Officer Pule.

Keeping the distance not to be noticed by the suspicious vehicle, Officer Pule kept them in sight whilst waiting for backup from the Police.

He followed the vehicle until Borakalalo where the suspects had parked alongside the road B48 and had lights doused off.

The Zeerust Task Team arrived and the suspicious vehicle was spotted on Motswedi/Gopane road. The suspects drove off at high speed and the police and Officer Pule gave chase till Gopane village.

The three suspects were apprehended and the police found unlicensed firearms and ammunition hidden in the car battery.

The suspects are 25 year old and 38 year old South Africans and a Mozambican national.

It was already early hours of Friday morning and suspects are detained till appearing in court on a date to be announced later.

The MEC for the Department of Community Safety and Transport Management, Honourable Sello Lehari applauded the tenacity and perceptiveness shown by off duty traffic officer. His brevity led to the arrest of three men with unlicensed firearms. The Police believe the arms and other equipment found in the vehicle of the suspects were used for theft and breaking in people’s vehicles. “We are happy we have officers whose sense of duty doesn’t end with the shift. With this kind of professionalism we will surely overcome all kinds of criminality”, said MEC Lehari.

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