Rustenburg’s Operation Patela Disuga collects more that R500 000 of traffic fines

The Rustenburg Local Municipality’s Directorate for Public Safety, has reinforced its no zero tolerance stance to motorists in the City, especially those who have been evading the law after being issued with traffic fines. The fines are for a myriad of offences in accordance with the National Road Traffic Act 93 of 1996. More worryingly is the number of drivers who ignore to pay for the traffic fines issues against their names, to the extent that warrants of arrests have to be issued.

The operation dubbed “Patela Disuga” has taken many by surprise with the operation being set up on the arterial routes in Rustenburg including roads, which are of secondary use by motorists. Interestingly the Directorates’ officials set up camp any time of the day including early hours of the morning as well as into the evening. Motorists were taken aback by the level of preparedness including the spot fines that have been settled where the operation is being conducted, against motorists or vehicles they are using. Outstanding fines were paid through the use of card machines.

In just under two weeks, the operation was able to collect over half-a-million rand from the numerous fines which had been issued and never paid for vehicles and motorists alike. As the City is preparing for the fast approaching Easter Period residents and visitors can expect an intensified presence of traffic police and law enforcement officials on the roads. The team which is led by part of the senior personnel from the directorate monitor operations and all transactions on site, to ensure that the law enforcement and traffic officials do their work unhindered and receive cooperation from motorists. Many of the motorists who had to be processed through the various road blocks, were happy to see the Municipality making an effort that all those who had been issued with traffic fines had to pay for them, to ensure that the Municipality is able to functional optimally, despite the inconvenience that comes with the delays especially during peak hour traffic in the City.

Motorists are advised to visit the Public Safety Offices (traffic section) to check if they have outstanding fines to avoid inconvenience on the road or enquire at 014 590 3210.

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