Following the state of the province address on Friday, we (North West News Online) asked Premier Job Mokgoro to mention his two top priorities in the province. The Premier said water and rural roads are close to his heart. Professor Mokgoro said his government is working around the clock to deal with water problems around the privince. He said all new rural roads projects to be implemented from the 20/21 Financial Year will be implemented through a new development model of labour intensity and small contractor development programme.
“We are no longer going to theorise about localization, small contractor
development and job creation.
A provincial policy framework will be adopted to ensure that designated
rural roads are deliberately set aside for job creation, small contractor
development and local participation through development of specifications and tender requirements that protects identified projects from dominance by empowered contractors.

This approach will be implemented on all projects for which contractors
have not yet been appointed and the list of such projects will be made
public to avoid gate keeping,” said Mokgoro.