Rustenburg – 30 people arrested for not staying at home and 17 vehicles impounded

Authorities urge all South Africans to stay at home during this lockdown. Scores of Rustenburg residents flocked to the city centre yesterday and today in last efforts to buy essential goods. Many do not comply with current lockdown regulations. Authorities had to step in. The Rustenburg Local Municipality’s Directorate for Public Safety and the South African Police Services, apprehended 30 people for the contravention of regulation 11 (B) 1 (a) which is failure by a person to be confined to a residence during the lock-down except to perform essential services. Spokesperson for the muncipality, David Magae said 30 people have been detained at Tlhabane Police Station.

“In addition, 17 vehicles have been impounded for non-compliance with the prohibitions of the lock-down. As part of the City’s involvement in ensuring that there is full compliance to the regulations, with emphasis to movement of people and confinement to residences, Emergency and Disaster Management conducted initial assessment including that of Fire Safety in a building identified to accommodate homeless people. An estimated 10 homeless people are already accommodated, to ensure that unauthorised persons are not on the streets in line with the regulations,” said Magae.

19 thoughts on “Rustenburg – 30 people arrested for not staying at home and 17 vehicles impounded

    1. No pest or sickness shall come near me my family or my house. I am protected by the blood of Jesus.


      1. Are u Stupid?? safer without mask WTF man if u don’t know what u talking about rather keep your mouth shut!


  1. What if they were from the shops or going to the shops to buy food. You cn only provide proof with receipts after buying. They too have to abide by the stipulated laws. And of cos if they were just roaming about, it serves them right


  2. It’s a good example to others and maybe also they’ll start seeing how serious this is

    As long as they weren’t buying food or meds and so long as their loved ones arent going to suffer without them being at home …. then it’s a good thing – BUT NOT FOR A WHOLE MONTH


  3. What about social distancing as well. Far too many around 1. Ar. No masked. How are some people going to act if people in authority don’t do it. Lead by example.


  4. Pipo we will die due to ignorance. If you trace the issue of Italy on hw it was affected so badly, after they had of this virus they continued with their daily routines look at the country. Lets jus comply with the 21day thing.


  5. Keep arresting these culprits because they are trying to be above the law while forgeting that they are killing themselves together with those who doesn’t have any crimes at all


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