More arrests looming as we approach grant season

As from Monday – government will start paying out pension and disability grants and more movements around city centres are expected. The situation is expected to be more worse on Wednesday when child support grants beneficiaries will start flocking to different city centres. But the North West Goverment will not be taking any chances. More law enforcers will be moving around checking people travelling.

Following a number of reported cases of non-compliance with the 21-days lockdown regulations, the North West MEC for Community Safety and Transport Management, Sello Lehari appeals to the communities across the Province to ensure that they remain in their homes during the lockdown period.

Lehari said the lockdown regulations are not set to imprison citizens but to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 and safeguards lives, therefore compliance is compulsory.

“We have seen how the spread of COVID-19 rises on daily basis, this is scary and calls for self discipline. The President has requested that we stay home for 21 days in order to contain this spread.

We are not doing anyone a favour, through this measure but we are saving me, you, your family and loved ones from contracting and or spreading the virus. However, if people are unable to lock themselves in their homes, we will then lock them in police custody. We find you on the streets, you will spend the remaining days of the lockdown behind cells then,” said Lehari, who further emphasised that citizens must keep the social distance as prescribed.

According to Restrictions of movement of persons during the Lockdown:

  • Everyone is confined to his or her place of residence, but are permitted to access or obtain essential service and or goods at nearby shops or towns;
  • Can be allowed to collect social grants and go to ATM’s;
  • Can receive emergency services in respect of medicines and health.

“We will not hesitate to effect arrest, issue fines and all other measures against all those who disregard the lockdown regulations. We are not on holidays and leisure where people will just do as they please, this is a lockdown which is in response to the COVID-19 disaster we are facing as a country, so let’s all comply,” warns Leahari.

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