Coronavirus fear in Rustenburg as people disregard the law

By Nyakallo Mosala and Photo: Onalenna Marumoloa

It is day 5 of the lockdown in South Africa and it is ‘business as usual’ in Rustenburg. With the transport restrictions relaxed for the period of social grants payout, the community of Rustenburg are seen flocking to and from the CBD, a clear disregard for the president’s call for people to stay home. One shopper only known to North West News Online as Solomon, said he had come to town to buy groceries. “I only got paid last night that is why I am in town today, I am here to buy groceries” he said. Although Solomon said that he did understand the precautionary measures he needed to take to make sure that he was safe from COVID-19 infection, he said it was impossible for him to not come to town. “I do understand that we need to keep a 1m distance between us and that I must be at home, however it is impossible to be at home with no food. Other people in the queue do not seem to understand social distancing, so I have also disregarded it because I am afraid that they may take my spot in the queue if I adhere to the social distancing regulation” Solomon explained.

Despite those who are genuinely shopping to feed their families, there are hundreds who seem to be on the street for the sake of being on the street. Some have been spotted licking on ice-cream and/or going out of the store with just a pack of rolls and a can of fizzy drink.

To date the number of covid-19 infections in the North West stand at 6 with the Bojanala region (which Rustenburg falls under) contributing 50% of these cases.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Dimpho Khutlane says:

    Rustenburgers 🤦‍♀️😪💔we don’t listen


  2. Christel says:

    Why are the people of Rustenburg not doing what they have to?This is Day 6 for all of us and we are also in Rustenburg but not going out…We are thinking of the rest of the people that can get sick and we are keeping to the rules of the president and the safety of the world….Some of us want this nightmare to end so we stay inside…
    But for sartain people its just a normal outside day..
    No people please take the rules serious we all want this to blow over we also have children that’s small and don’t want them to get infected …..We all want to go back to normal …but if you don’t comply they will make it longer ….Stand together please Rustenburg…….


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