Coronavirus update: Two more new cases reported in Rustenburg as Lockdown extended until end of April

The North West province reported four new cases of Covid-19 infections taking the number to 15. Now President Ramaphosa has extended the lockdown with another two week. Ramaphosa said lockdown regulations will continue until end of April. Developing story.

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  1. Susan Kruger says:

    Where are the police and army in Rustenburg people are in their thousands at taxi rank they don’t comply to any law!!!!


    1. Edward James Blignaut says:

      Amazing how slow this virus is spreading in Africa. The tokelosi must have a cure to keep people from getting sick We already have lost over 10,621 people March 16 – April 09-Just in New York….One city in America. Some one is feeding the SApeople bullshit that either keep them alive or they have not tell the people the real numbers. Well lets see what the numbers will be in two weeks. Stay home if you can and dont mingle… this virus dont ask names….it just gives you a beating


    2. Edward James Blignaut says:

      The total for deaths in New York is over 7000. Sorry I misquoted with previous comment. Over 70% of the deaths fall in the Latino and Black population.


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