Impala employees stopped from going to work – roadblocks around

Impala employees were instructed to report for duty today but that is not happening. Police conducted roadblocks around the Platinum Mines demanding permits from employees reporting for duty. Read the instruction ‘

General Adams SAPS Cluster Commander :
Good morning Cluster Commanders. I have learned that Impala Platinum Head Office has sent out SMS messages to their employees to return to work en masse. Impala is doing this stating that they have got permission from the Minister of Minerals to “increase their operations “. There is no such permission and therefore, no person who is an employee of Impala will move from their homes to Rustenburg. No private or public transport must be allowed to ferry people to Rustenburg.

Developing story – we are live – watch the space!

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  1. Karabo Letanke says:

    I’m looking for a job


  2. Abbey Kock says:

    The State must prosecute the Impala Platinum proxy. Ppl violating lockout regulations have been arrested and charged, why not Impala Platinum Management Head?


  3. Hunadi Alice says:

    I heard talking about going to work while thers a lockdown for all the country but theres a mine called Two rivers platinum in limpopo and marula mine in burgersfort people are going to work so means thers no lockdown to them at all… Please assist or media come to those mines its risky to go to work while thers a virus spreading all over…


  4. Keep us posted Sir!


  5. mphatheni says:

    I very glad to hear this news.


  6. Maronza says:

    Please let them come to implats at limpopo burgersfort and steelpoort the mines started working today,they are risking our lives and our familys lives and the government keep on sending us massages saying stay at home.


  7. Maronza says:

    Two rivers platinum and marula platinum situated in steelpoort is one of the mines that are breaking the south African law forcing people to come to work while we are serving the lock down period. please visit this mines as as possible.


  8. Moshe says:

    The same here in Brits Jubilee is in operation,they are operating in side Hernic plant,they have a permit which i fail to understand why government give permit to mineral processing plant and yet they stop other processing plant,Yesterday they stop Western limp plant in Rustenburg under Sibanye to operate, they must act equally.


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