Lockdown level 5 ends today – here are level 4 regulations

These are the rules of Level 4, which will be adopted from 1 May:

Face Masks are Mandatory :
fellow communities, it is very important that everyone Is expected to wear face masks every time when leaving their homes.

Strict curfew:
Let us remember that it is still Lockdown, People are not allowed out on the street between 20:00 and 05:00.

No Movement across Provincial Borders:
Unless you return to work with proof of employment, or are attending a funeral (with approval) or delivering essential services.

Use of private cars/ Taxis :
There is a limit of only three people per private vehicle , and 70% capacity in taxis so as to allow social distancing.

Can you visit your friends and family?
No “recreational” visits are allowed.

Can you attend church or other public gatherings?

Restaurants / Fast Foods:
The sale of takeaways will be permitted for delivery only – from fast food outlets and restaurants. Restaurants can open for food delivery services only, and only between 09:00 to 20:00.

Spaza Shop:
Let us note that the sale of cooked hot food is still prohibited!

Stores have to ensure that clients’ temperatures are tested, hand sanitisers must be available and measures must be in place to facilitate social distancing.

exercise to be permitted under strict conditions, but gyms or other facilities where people gather for exercise will remain closed.

Media and entertainment services: Online services; productions for local broadcast; and live streaming in support of Covid-19 subject to directions; and newspapers and broadcasting

Hotels/ Accommodation facilities:
Accommodation services not permitted, except for quarantine and essential services.

Repair and related emergency services PERMITTED I.e. Tow trucks, emergency repair work, including plumbers, electricians, locksmiths, roof repair work.

Recycling of glass, paper and metal including informal recyclers (permitted at 50% capacity)

All social work, counselling, care and relief activities permitted.

Some manufacturing will restart, but in some cases not all employees will be allowed back at once.
Factories that produce goods that can be sold under Level 4 can return with all their staff – apart from for a couple of exceptions.
Only a quarter of the workers at manufacturers of winter clothing, bedding and heaters can return at first, but it can be scaled up to 50%.

Can you go to your Hairdresser or Nail Salon?
No. The risk of transmission with these services is too high.

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  1. andvancop says:

    Why does everybody just give an overview of the rules. We need the details in order to determine if we can open businesses and go to work.


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