No Social Grants Payment on Friday – 01 May 2020

South African Social Security Agency beneficiaries are advised not to go to banks and retailers on the 1st of May 2020, to collect their grants. Payments will only start on the 04th of May 2020 and will be staggered according to grant types. The agency had in the April payment cycle learnt lessons relating to Social Grant payment cycle during the National Lockdown. This has compelled SASSA (South African Social Security Agency) to review the payment dates going forward from the month on May 2020.

Old Age and Disability Grant will receive their grants on the 04th and the 05th of May 2020. This will include child support grants linked to these beneficiaries. All other grants such as Child Support, Foster and Care Dependency grants will be paid from 06 May 2020. Payments at pay points will resume from the 07th to 13th May 2020.

Beneficiaries are also made aware that these payments will include the grant increments that was announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa in order to relieve the distress as a result of covid-19. The grant increments announced are as follows:
Child Support Grant
Increase of R300 for the child support grant to be paid (only) May 2020 per child
Thereafter from June October 2020 R500 grant will be paid to caregivers of the children on the Child Support Grant.
All existing caregivers will automatically qualify and receive this benefit along with the existing CSG monthly benefit.
The amount per child will revert to R440 (for the CSG) per month from June
All Other Existing Grants
All other existing social grants (Old Age, Disability, Foster Care, Care Dependency grants) are increased by R250 per month from May to October 2020.
Beneficiaries are urged to come along with their ID documents to collect their grants in order to be prioritised when receiving services and to come on dates that their money will be available. Communities are advised to note that SASSA offices are still closed. The Agencys call centre number 018 379 3360 and 0800 60 10 11 will continue to be operational for purpose of Social Relief of Distress application and to respond to all grant related Enquiries. For enquiries on lost cards and replacements and PIN reset services shall be done at Post Offices.

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