Rustenburg Law Enforcers arrested for robbery, fraud and theft

Five Rustenburg Law Enforcers are facing various charges following swift arrests by their counterparts. Three Municipality Law Enforcers and one traffic officer were arrested for business robbery, fraud and theft on unrelated incidents.

In recent weeks the Rustenburg Local Municipality Directorate for Public Safety has been inundated with formal complaints relating to acts of impropriety by members while in the cause of executing their duties. The complaints led to investigations by the management of the Directorate on the allegations of business robbery, theft and fraud which are unrelated and occurred in different periods.

In the first incident one of the law enforcement officers who has been charged with fraud at Tlhabane Police Station, reduced a fine which had already been procedurally reduced to R1000.00 from R 5000.00 in line with the Disaster Management Act of 2002, without following proper procedure and authorisation and subsequently pocketing the difference in the amount of the fine issued.

Another officer, in an unrelated incident reduced a fine which had previously been issued with an amount of R 3000.00 to R 200.00 by the local court, proceeded to reduce the fine further without following proper procedure and authorisation and pocketing the difference, in respect of what had been permissible to pay as a fine. The officer has been charged with fraud.

Another member of the law enforcement unit, who has been arrested on a charge of theft, had received money meant for a fine issued by the Municipality without issuing a receipt for the payment. It emerged during the investigation that the money, was not recorded and a receipt did not exist, on the enquiry made by the resident who had been informed to collect the proof of payment a day later. The member has been charged with theft.

Another law enforcement officer and traffic officer were arrested for an incident of business robbery in Lemenong Section, Phokeng. The duo during a patrol in the area conducted a business compliance exercise, on suspicion of the business selling cigarettes, which by law are not essential items. The tuck shop which was inspected was robbed by the two and an amount of R 700.00 was taken from the business as well as taking stock from the business. Investigations led to the arrest of the two, who have been detained at Phokeng Police Station, and have been charged with business robbery.

In reacting to the arrests, the Executive Mayor Councillor Mpho Khunou, said the Municipality has been serious about ridding itself from elements, which seek to cause reputational damage to the good name of the institution “This indeed vindicates our long held view that, we will deal decisively with all officials who are alleged to be involved in acts of wrong doing. In order to ensure that the City progress well, strategies from crime prevention will be continuously implemented without any fear, favour or prejudice for the benefit of our people and their safety” said Khunou.

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  1. babasaloojee says:

    crime does not pay..Job well done. Perfect steos taken to enforce the law.


  2. Mike De Fleuriot says:

    Well the SAP has a long way to go to gain the trust and respect of the South African public. If they can ever manage to do this.


  3. Lettie says:

    Dis nou die mense wat hy moet vetrou.Hoop waar daar arrestasies op blankes was,ook hul boete verminder sal word.


  4. Johannes says:

    #Stop Corrupt cops0


    1. Pat says:

      It is about time we got rid of of all the corrupt officials. This includes corrupt politicians.


  5. Ester du Plessis says:

    Criminals are protected and the law abiding citizens arrested !! Do you think their is something wrong with this situation !! It is natural order is South Africa .


  6. Simone Madden says:

    Well, well well, our country is run by thugs. Why should this be a surprise?


  7. William Francis Grieve says:

    Really disgusting jail is the answer and fired from the police service it seems nothing will ever change


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