Cuban Doctors ready to fight Covid-19 in North West

North West rural communities will welcome another frontliners on a fight against Coronavirus. Today – Saturday, 13 Cuban Doctors received a warm welcome in the Province and they will start engaging with community members on Monday. The 13 Doctors are part of the 217 medical team arrived in South Africa last month and have undergone two weeks of quarantine.

As part of the government multifaceted approach and effort to contain the spread of COVID-19, the North West Health MEC Madoda Sambatha joined by other dignitaries and executive managers of the Department in welcomed a contingent of Cuban doctors in Klerksdorp. Sambatha said the Doctors are here to help South Africans not to take their jobs. “The Doctors will work together with our medical practitioners. They are not here to take any jobs,” said Sambatha. North West is having 63 confirmed cases of Covid-19 with one death.

The Cuban government in solidarity with the South African Government released its medical brigade to help flatten the curve. The deployment of the medical brigade including family physicians, epidemiologists, biologists and others will be considered after they complete their quarantine period.

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  1. Lungelo says:

    Pity it cost taxpayers R400m to have them here while our own doctors are being treated like second-class citizens!


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