Mafikeng toddler (4) drowned in a school sewage drainage

The North West Education department is saddened by the death of a 4-year-old boy who allegedly drowned in a school sewage drainage situated near Sejankabo Secondary School yard at Mocoseng Village in Mafikeng on Sunday, 17 May 2020.

At the moment it is not known on how the child ended up falling inside the sewage drainage and the police are still investingating the matter.

According to the school report is that, criminals always remove and steal the sewage drainage lid. The school indicated that every time they replace the lid, criminals normally steal it and sell it for monetary exchange. The incident happened during the lockdown, wherein schools have been closed for a period of 2 months from 18 March 2020.

The North West Education MEC, Mmaphefo Matsemela was shocked by the passing on of the minor in the school yard during the lockdown period.

“As a department we are very much saddened by this horrific incident of a child who died within our school premises. We never thought that such an incident could happen during the lockdown period wherein everyone is expected to stay at home. We wish to convey our heartfelt condolences to the family of the deceased child including the community of mocoseng”, said MEC Matsemela.

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