North West Premier takes on newspaper over sex drama story

North West Premier, Prof Tebogo Job Mokgoro is fuming. This comes after a Sunday newspaper published a lead article that alleged that he has involved himself in scandalous activity, with the following headline, “PREMIER IN SEX DRAMA!

The newspaper alleges that Premier’s former long time partner has cheated on him with his advisor. Now his office says Premier Mokgoro has lodged a formal written complaint with the Sunday Sun Internal Ombudsman, Johan Vos.

In a statement issued by Mokgoro’s office: “Premier Mokgoro is of the view that the article was published with malicious intent bordering on character assassination and by virtue of the misleading headline, it implied moral ineptitude and character flaw in the person of the Premier as well as the office he holds.

However, in the event that the Premier does not receive a favourable response from the Sunday Sun Internal Ombudsman, he will then exercise the option to approach the Press Council Ombudsman to lodge a complaint on the same matter.

Premier Mokgoro, and the Office of the Premier, fully support press freedom and all media activities in a democratic dispensation. However, his main objection is on the attack on personal dignity.

The Office of the Premier will not be responding on any further media queries on the matter until there is a ruling by the said authorities”.

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