Three North West schools shut down after teachers test positive for Covid-19

Scores of learners in the North West will have to study from home after their schools were shut down by the Health Department. This comes after teachers at the schools test positive for Covid-19.

The three teachers are working in three different schools in the province and were confirmed positive for Covid -19 following not feeling well for some time.

In the North West province teachers reported back to school on Friday, 29 May 2020 and one of the teachers was already not feeling well. The teacher was in a process of applying for the commobidities.

The North West Education MEC, Mmaphefo Matsemela indicated that the two other teachers when learners resumed schooling were already not at school.

“As a department I wish to confirm that there are three teachers who have tested positive for Covid – 19 virus in our province. I therefore, wish them to fight for recovery for these teachers including all those people who might have came into contact with them. I want to indicate that, two of these teachers when learners returned to school they were already booked off by the doctors. As a department we will continue to provide them with our support whilst they receive medical attention at home,” said Matsemela.

MEC Matsemela further highlighted that they are working very closely with the Department of Health in the province.

The affected three schools have been shut down by the Department of Health and the date of reopening will be communicated once they have been disinfected and decontaminated.

The department will continue to work with parents of the affected schools by sending them school work at home.

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  1. danieldavidets says:

    Please stop censoring the news, we as the public need to know the names of the schools that were closed due to the teachers who tested positive. If you say Northwest without being specific you only make us worry even more. Please be specific.


  2. danieldavidets says:

    Please, we need you to be more specific when giving news. It makes no sense to say that three schools in the Northwest were closed due to teachers testing positive to Covid-19. We need you to specify the names of the schools and the areas that they are located. Thank you


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