When schooling resume this morning after June 16 holiday, three more schools in the province will not be opening. This comes after four new Coronavirus cases were reported in North West schools as at Tuesday, 16 June 2020.

These include a principal, two teachers and an administration clerk in three different schools in the province.

All four education staff are requested to self isolate to limit the spread of the virus.

The affected schools will be temporarily shutdown to undertake the standard procedure of deep cleaning and disinfecting.

MEC Matsemela wishes them strength as they journey to recovery.

” I wish to render a warm message of comfort to our staff membejrs who contracted the Coronarivus.
This is hard hitting to us as the education community because our teachers are our core drivers towards advancing quality education. We really wish them strength and perfect healing,” said Matsemela.

The total number of confirmed Coronavirus cases in North West education sums up to 16. This includes principals, teachers, learners and support staff.